June 8, 2014

  • Where I'll Be

    I've had a blog on Xanga since 2005 and up until last year, it was where I blogged regular.

    I have a lot of good memories of Xanga (some bad, too), a lot of people I became friends with and I'm thankful for that.

    I miss the old Xanga. I know a lot of people said the old website was out of date, but yet, it wasn't like any other blogging website. Xanga was different and it was a fun place to be, a great place to make friends. I will say the drama would get to be too much at times and when I was attacked by another blogger, it definitely wasn't fun. That was really only my complaint about the old Xanga.

    But Xanga will always be the first website I blogged on. I made really great friends on here.

    June 10th my subscription will run out on here to blog. Thank you to the friend that paid for a year for me. But I won't renewing my subscription. I just wanted to let you all know that my subscription will be over soon so you wouldn't come to my blog one day and just see it gone.

    I'm blogging on WordPress now. You'll also find links to other websites I use on my wordpress blog.

    Here is my blog:

    CherokeeWriter on WordPress

    That is where you will be able to keep up with what I'm doing and keep in contact.

    For those still remaining here, thank you all for reading my blog all these years. I have enjoyed reading yours as well and hope you will keep in contact with me.

May 22, 2014

  • Hair Dye, Crafts and Other Things

    Right now I'm sitting here with henna in my hair. Earlier this month I dyed my hair with henna and indigo for the first time. The henna sticks really well to hair, but sometimes indigo doesn't. I've read a lot of people have a hard time getting indigo to take to hair, but someone said sometimes it takes a second time doing it to take better. So that's what I'm doing.

    I've decided to stop using chemical dyes for my hair. They damage hair and are just really bad. I wanted something completely natural so I did a lot of reading about henna and indigo.

    Henna itself will dye hair red and it is permanent until your hair grows out. Indigo is blue, but with the henna, it'll turn hair black. Sometimes indigo can be permanent too. I bought the powders from a seller on Ebay. The brand is Zenia and it is probably what I will keep buying. If you ever decide to dye your hair with henna or indigo, make sure you get the powders and they are 100% pure. Some companies will try to sell henna dye, say it is 100% natural, but it's not. I know the Zenia brand powders I got are pure indigo and henna. Henna for hair also sells great henna and indigo powders. I've heard a lot of good things about them and their website is great for information about how to dye your hair with henna and indigo. But I chose not to buy my powders from them. With how much they said I would need, I would have been paying over $50 dollars and I just couldn't afford that. I'm much happy using a natural way to dye my hair.

    I've also added some new items to my online store. I made a Crystal Skull Dreamcatcher and don't think I've posted it on here.

    other 788

    other 790

    It's small one, but the Crystal Skull on the web is a real one. It was carved from a stone called Magnesite.

    Check out my store and see what else I have on there: Tsalagi Dreams on Webstore

    I haven't made any sales lately, but I'm hoping it'll pick up soon. I hope one day to at least sell an item or two a week.

    Next month I'm going to see Shrek the musical and I can't wait. I love the movies so I'm sure I'll enjoy the musical.

    In July I'll be going to see Dannion Brinkley. He has had three near death experiences. I'm currently reading his second book.

    What is going on with everyone else?

May 4, 2014

  • Mount Joy Library Book Sale

    April 26 was the day I went to Mount Joy library’s annual book sale. I went in the afternoon and didn’t find too many books, but did get a few that I wanted.

    Broken Days by Ann Rinaldi. This author writes historical fiction and I just love her books.

    Wishbone Mysteries: Drive-In of Doom by Brad Strickland – I’ve been trying to collect all the Wishbone books and finally found another that I didn’t have yet.

    Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery – I’ve read the first three of The Anne of Green Gables books and love them so I figured I’d like this one too.

    A Deadly Promise by Joan Lowery Nixon – One of my favorite authors and I am trying to get all of her books. I was happy to find another I didn’t have yet.

    So I didn’t find too much, but I found a few books and that makes me happy. Middletown Library's book sale begins next Tuesday and I will be going to it on Wednesday.

March 7, 2014

  • This Place Is Not The Same

    I haven't been around much since. . . Well, since Xanga changed.

    I come on Xanga maybe once a week or less, and sometimes post something. It was really weird for me at first because for a long time the first website I visited when I got online was Xanga. I've had my account since 2005 and it was my blogging home. It was where I felt I could be me, where I felt I could free express my opinions, and share my experiences. That changed for me in 2012 due to a blogger who wasn't very nice. Even when I felt I had to be careful with what I posted, I still stayed because of the friends I made on here. Also, because there was no other blogging website like Xanga.

    I'll admit I didn't like the drama. I didn't like the bloggers who would attack others and get away with it. In my opinion, a lot of the drama that happened and the bloggers who attacked others could have been stopped, but I just think the Xanga Team didn't care about stopping that stuff.

    But even though there was drama and some not so nice bloggers, there were (and still are) good people on Xanga. That is why I stayed and have even continued to visit, even if it is just to leave some comments.

    But Xanga just isn't the same. Xanga just isn't Xanga anymore.

    I've never wanted Xanga to shut down, but I hate to see it in the state that it is in.

    You know, Open Diary, a blogging website that opened in 1998, shut down in the beginning of February. Open Diary was a lot like Xanga in the way of their community. It wasn't a popular blogging website, at least not anymore, but still had a number of people who loved it and stayed for the community, for the friends they made.

    The creator of Open Diary abandoned it about two years. One guy was running it, that I think was a volunteer, and when it was announced that they would be closing, the creator said there would be two weeks until it shut down. It shut down 10 days later, they e-mailed no one and a lot of people didn't get a chance to even down their posts. The only people who knew about the shut down were the regulars that logged on often.

    I had a blog on there, to try it out, and I liked it because it felt similar to Xanga. I was sad to see it go, and thought it wrong of the creator to make the announcement, and not give people much time. However, I can't say that I wished they would have tried something to keep it around. It's very clear the creator cared nothing for Open Diary anymore. So, while I think it should have stayed a bit longer to give people a chance to download their posts, at least the loyal users of Open Diary don't have to watch their favorite blogging website become something they don't even recognize.

    Xanga was once a great place, but it has changed so much, and not for the better. It seem to me, like the creator of Open Diary, the Xanga Team doesn't care about this place anymore.

    It seems us, the users, care more about it than they do. I just hate to see what has happened to Xanga. But I think the users of Open Diary are lucky to not have to see the same happen with their blogging website.

    I'll always have my memories of Xanga, the old Xanga. And I've made sure to stay in contact with the friends I've made here.

    I won't be on here regular like I used to be, but I'll still pop in sometimes to comment, or post. And I guess I'll do that until my subscription is up, or unless they decide to shut Xanga down.

    Where I blog regular now is WordPress. If you have a blog on there, or plan to make one, and want to follow me, here is the link to my blog: http://cherokeewriter.wordpress.com

February 14, 2014

  • New Item

    There was an item that I was making and really excited about listing for sale. I finished it yesterday and listed it for sale. Now, I'm excited to share it with all of you :)

    other 768


    other 770


    A one inch green Dreamcatcher is attached to metal four inch silver feather to make a bookmark.

    It's listed for sale on Storenvy and Webstore.

  • Valentines Day

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day :)

February 1, 2014

  • Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't forgotten about my blog on here.

    I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. My Christmas was good, but I got a cold the day after Christmas, which wasn't very fun. But I got the stuff I wanted for Christmas and had a great dinner.

    My birthday was on the 21st of January and I had a good day.

    I've been busy writing, making some crafts and going through stuff in my room.

    Also, I have a new coupon code up for Valentines Day. Check my store's facebook for it.

    Besides that, not much is going on. It's been really cold here and so I've been trying to stay in unless I really have to go out. I'm looking forward to Spring and it warming up.

    So, how has everyone been?

December 25, 2013

December 5, 2013

  • Holiday Bazaar

    The Holiday Bazaar was on November 24th. It was my first show; the first time I had a table anywhere that I set up my crafts for sale. I was so excited about it. My mom was running the table with me. We got there at 10:30 am to start setting up. My table wasn't the most amazing looking. I mostly just had to lay stuff on the table as I didn't have money to buy nice displays. I had a few days, one for earrings and the other for bracelets. But I made them out of cardboard lol. So, I did the best I could and was proud of my table.

    For the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Dreamcatchers I printed out papers with a picture and a small biography which I attached to the Dreamcatcher. I also made a special code for those who bought from me at the Holiday Bazaar. For buying an item, they would get a special code to use on either Webstore or Storenvy to get 10% off an item.




    I wish I could say that I completely sold out of items. I wish that would have happened, but all the people there that had stands, even the woman who organized the Bazaar, left majorly disappointed. In total I sold three items; 2 Dreamcatchers and a small Christmas ornament that was my mom's. Some people didn't even sell one item. There wasn't nearly as many people coming to the Bazaar that everyone thought there would be. I thought with Christmas being close, a lot of people would show up to buy gifts for Christmas.

    I am happy that I sold at least two items, but I'm very disappointed. I was honestly hoping to sell a lot more. My mom had some of her items there as well and was hoping to sell all of them. There are bills that need to be paid and right now we're just not in a good situation because my dad isn't getting much business at his garage. I was hoping that we would do pretty well so some bills could get paid.

    I've added some new items to Webstore and Storevny. Hopefully they will sell on there.

November 15, 2013

  • Busy

    It's been a while since I've blogged or spent a bunch of time on here. Well, I've been busy. I have a few different websites that I'm on and it's hard to juggle all of them. I've also been on Swagbucks a lot, earning points to trade in for gift cards for Amazon to buy Christmas gifts.

    And as always, I've been busy making new items for my store and writing.

    I still sell my items on webstore, but also opened a store on a website called Storenvy. Unlike webstore, you can check out as a guest on there instead of having to register.

    And if there is any items you were thinking of buying from my store, you might want to soon. November 24th I will be at a Holiday Bazaar selling my crafts and probably a lot of the items that I am selling online now, may not be there after the 24th.

    If you're on facebook you can like my store on there to follow updates. You can buy from Tsalagi Dreams on webstore and Storevny

    I had a bit of time and just wanted to write something to let you all know I'm still around, just busy. Right now I'm working on some displays for the Bazaar and afterwards going to write for a while and then read.

    I hope you are all doing good.